Welcome to Shaver Lake. The town of Shaver Lake is located on the western side of the Sierra National Forrest within Fresno County. The town is on state Highway 168 east of Fresno. Highway 168 can be picked up by going east bound on either Highway 99 or Highway 41 at the Shaw exits. This route will take you through the center of Fresno and Clovis, just follow the signs and you will find Shaver Lake. For those of you coming from the south valley or Southern California, the best route is to exit off of Highway 99 in Kingsburg and go through the towns of Kingsburg and Sanger via Academy Ave, which will run into Highway 168. For those of you coming from the northern part of the San Joaquin Valley or Northern California, you can take the east bound Herndon Avenue exit to Highway 168.

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The Town

The current town of Shaver lake has evolved from a lumber mill community to its present mix of eclectic businesses serving the local and tourist population. The town is home to about 1000 permanent residents, but during the summer season that population increases to around 5000 people. The population also increases during the snow ski season, but in fewer total numbers. To learn more about the history and the area please contact The Shaver Lake Chamber of Commerce or The Central Sierra Historical Society for more information.


The Lake

Shaver Lake is a 135,000 acre foot reservoir that is part of a large hydro- electric chain of lakes, that is managed by Southern California Edison. The Lake has about 15 miles of shore line, 2,000 surface acres, and most portions of the lake shore can be accessed by either car or by a short walk. The function of Shaver Lake is to provide flood control for the valley, water for the Friant Kern Canal and hydro-electric power for California and recreation for boaters and campers. The majority of the water we get comes from Huntington Lake, which is higher in the Sierra's. The water that enters the lake, generates power through the John S. Eastwood Powerhouse. For the most part very little water is dropped out of Shaver during the summer months because the Eastwood powerhouse is a pump-storage facility. During the night the water is pumped back up hill to Balsam Forebay. When water is dropped from Shaver, it reenters the flow of water heading for Millerton Lake and the Friant Kern Canal.


The Fishing

Shaver Lake is open all year for fishing, either by means of a boat or from the shore. The lake has many varieties of fish. The two largest populations are Rainbow Trout and Kokanee. Kokanee is a fresh water salmon. The lake also has, Brown Trout, Small Mouth Bass, Catfish, Blue Gill, Brook Trout, Carp and Crawdads. The lake is planted regularly by the Departmentof Fish and Game and Southern Claifornia Edison. Shaver Lake is one of the few lakes that can support Kokanee. The lake was adopted by Project Kokanee,which every year plants 50,000 fingerlings into our lake, as well as other lakes throughout the state to help propogate the species. Please visit one of our local's, fishing report, for the current status of the fishing.


The Water Skiing

Shaver Lake is one of the best spots for water skiing in the CentralValley. Seldom is the lake crowded, so it is possible to find great water during the course of the day. In the early hours of the morning and in the evening the lake will, for the most part glass over. This can lead to day after day of great conditions. The lake temperature tends to be a little cold in the spring months, but in the heat of the summer the average air temperature is in the mid 80's to low 90's and the lake temperature is a refreshing 72-76 F. So if your looking for a great lake to enjoy your favorite water sport, come and try Shaver Lake.

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